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Early Intervention is the Key to a Successful School Year ~ ARK Director Joyce A. Sessoms


I was listening to 88.7 The Bridge a few days ago, and wanted to share some very sensible,  

timely information that the commentator offered to parents. 

As a way to further involve yourself in your child’s life, try these three things: 

1.  When you pick up your child from school each day, or when they arrive home from school,  

ask them how their day was.  Listen to their response and an entire conversation may develop. 

2. Ask your student if there was one thing they could change about their day or their school, what 

would that be. 

3.  Ask your student if there is any way you can be of help in making those changes. 

I added: 

2. Engage your student in a discussion of the most recent book they have read.  If they have not  

engaged in reading for pleasure in a while, suggest some age-appropriate books they can pick up  

from their local library.  Have the discussion once the book is finished. 

These are great conversation starters to increase involvement in students’ everyday lives.  The  

competition for your child’s attention is fierce: technology being at the forefront.  We have to get  

their attention back and help them to refocus on what is important.  The ARK staff and  

volunteers are here to help!